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Some of the largest companies in the world use Banpago services to enhance their payment systems beyond what is offered by the traditional banks.  Whether it be real time payments, credit card processing, p2p payments or cross border remittances, with its banking partners, Banpago has created compliant solutions using the most advanced technologies available in the world of banking today.

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Finally, a streamlined, payment process that delivers hundreds, thousands, even millions of payments to your vendors, customers or providers all at once, all at the speed of email. Whether you're sending 100, 1,000 or 100,000 payments, Banpago's Echeck payment method provides a scalable solution that integrates with your existing systems, processes and bank accounts to deliver payments on time and in a cost efficient manner. 


Real time payments are here and you should be looking at how they can be implemented to speed up your payment systems.  Through our extensive Application Program Interface (API), you can connect into the world banks to deliver just-in-time payments while conserving cash with the asurance of on-time payments.

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Banpago is your payments resource for those challenging requirements that are typically not offered by banks or other companies in the financial payments industry.  If you need to speed up your payments, send money across town or around the world or simply get a merchant account, we can assist you throughout the whole process and deliver a solution that is secure, compliant and cost effective.

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We have years of experience assisting our clients improve their payment efficiency.  

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  • Instant payments with Echecks
  • Mass Payments
  • Bank Account Setup and Management
  • Mobile Banking
  • Cross Border Remittance Payments
  • Real Time Funds Settlement

As an independent financial services company, we create and deliver products and services that are specifically configured to meet the needs of our clients.  This flexibility enables you to realize the potential of your business with no compromises in your banking or other financial services.


Comprehensive Approach

While many of the large banks offer a comprehensive set of corporate financial tools, many times they cannot provide the necessary services to make your organization as efficient as it could be in the very fast moving global economy.  The Banpago team is made up of financial services specialists that work with you to determine your needs which allows us to design and deliver a financial system that works best for your business.


Committed to Service

Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship and a comprehensive plan. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation.  With the assistance of our banking partners, Banpago has developed a number of payment services that supplement those available through your corporate bank that delivers lower costs, more efficiency and better customer service.

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Banpago is made up of banking  professionals who use their technical expertise to create added services to enhance your current banking relationships. Whether it be a new bank account, Echecks, credit card processing, streamlining your collections or bill payment or 'all of the above', Banpago will work closely with you to deliver what you need, when you need it and at the lowest possible cost.


Merchant Processing

If you sell products or services to consumers and small business you need to accept credit and debit cards.  In most cases, businesses can get a merchant account quite easily these days from a number of companies even at their local Costco store.  

Through our Merchant Payment Solutions group, we obtain merchant accounts for companies that, for one reason or another, are having a difficult time obtaining a reliable and cost effective means of processing their Visa and MasterCard charges.  Call us today to get more information on obtaining a domestic or international credit card processing account.



Digital Checking gives our customers the ability to email a check to a customer.  Whether you send out a few checks per month or 10's of 1000's, the Echeck gives you a complete payment solution that significantly decreases costs while increasing the speed of your payments to your customers or suppliers.  You simply format the check run and use our systems to send them out via email.  Once received, the customer prints out the check and uses it like the one you previously sent them in the mail.  It's fast, secure and is much preferred by the consumer receiving the Echeck.

Banpago processes 100's of 1000's of payments per day for some of the largest corporations in the Americas.  Whether they be mass payments of ATT bills for corporations, bills paid by consumers at licensed retailers using our bill processing systems, cross border remittances or credit card processing at your retail locations or through your web site(s), Banpago provides organizations with timely and cost effective payment systems that become the base of your operations and give you the ability to grow knowing that you have a professional payments team working for you to meet your ongoing goals.


Faith Based Giving

Banpago works with a number of church groups to automate their parishioner  donation programs. With the use of Echecks, credit and debit card processing and ACH services, these faith based organizations have increased their collections by over 50% with no increase in their costs. The Banpago payment service has opened up a new way of supporting the churches  collection programs and also provides an accounting system that did not exist previously in most of these organizations.

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